Monday, July 7, 2014

Imagine A World Made Of Food

Today, I came across a brilliant photographer who combines my passion for both food and photography into beautiful pieces of art. The artist is the Brazilian photographer William Kass. One of his most well-known series is entitled Minimize. The most extraordinary distinctive of this series is his exploration of everyday situations from an unusual point of view, featuring miniature little people in regular sized backgrounds.

As Katie Homser wrote in My Modern Met, "The lighthearted compositions feature the artist's clever and imaginative way of seeing the world. A group of men goes fishing for large sashimi, an ear of corn becomes an obstacle to climb, and a bunch of green grapes are transformed into a glamorous stage fro dramatic performers. Other objects Kass transforms into fictional adventures include an iPhone, a candy bar, noodles, pickles, and a box of matches." 
Source here
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