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Hola! Welcome to my Blog. My name is Jordina and I come from Catalonia, Spain. In 2013 I followed my heart to Germany, where I am currently living and studying a Master of Arts in English and American Studies. Since then, my commitment to a healhtier and happier life became stronger than ever. I began to eat healthier, exercises regularly and live a happier life. I am a beginner yogi and a chocolate lover. Writing is one of my secret passions. 

This blog began as a project for my master studies. Although I was not required to continue blogging once the subject was over, I have enjoyed writing in here so much that I decided to continue. Since this has become a personal project, the goals of the blog have changed too. I want this blog to be a place where I can meet new people, and where you all can know more about me and my lifestyle.  

As an English Philologist and Master student, this blog is an excellent way to improve my writing and online publishing skills. I hope one day, blogging will become a part of my professional career. I dream of becoming a writer, a translator, and a language teacher. You know what they say, dream big!

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